Learning English As an Adult

All you have to do is pay attention to literature, the media, movies, pop culture and the internet to notice that the English language is quickly becoming something of a universal language. Business transactions across borders and over the internet are largely conducted in English. International relations and policy are also commonly carried out in […]

Cultivating the Adult Mind With Television

Although many educational shows are geared towards younger learners, adult education is just as important to channels such as Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and PBS. Each of these channels strives to educate adult audiences on a variety of topics ranging from the history of WWII, the mating habits of adult sharks, and raising global […]

Why Can’t 32 Million American Adults Read This Article?

Illiteracy, the inability to turn abstract symbols called letters into meaningful words, should be a vanishing problem. Unfortunately, in the United States, adult illiteracy remains quite widespread. How many American adults can’t even read this commentary? How many American adults can’t read a simple newspaper article, understand warning labels, or write an effective complaint letter? […]

How to Be a Successful Adult Student – Overview of Five Attitudes

Being a successful adult student is significantly different from being a successful high school student, and it does no’t matter if you go directly from high school into college or if you are returning to school after some years of working. There are skills necessary for adult education, skills which, while helpful in high school, […]