Cultivating the Adult Mind With Television

Although many educational shows are geared towards younger learners, adult education is just as important to channels such as Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and PBS. Each of these channels strives to educate adult audiences on a variety of topics ranging from the history of WWII, the mating habits of adult sharks, and raising global political awareness. High definition television sharpens the clarity of these programs and enhances the minute details of each program allowing the adult student to experience an unprecedented learning experience. Television is no longer only for relaxation and zoning out, but instead can be educational and applicable to real life.

Discovery Channel’s main prerogative is furthering the education of curious adults and children by providing interesting and though provoking television series. One of the most popular weeks in television mini-series is the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. For an entire week, Discovery Channel runs programs that deal solely with the behaviors of sharks. The tradition started in 1987 and has carried on through present day, usually occurring in July or August of each year. Available through satellite TV, Shark Week is one of the most popular recurring mini-series programs on the Discovery Channel. In 2008, popular MythBusters show hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage hosted Shark Week. The two “mad scientists” challenge the laws of physics while demystifying some of the most outrageous urban legends and this year tackled the logistics of the Jaws movies. The Discovery Channel has many offshoots as well that investigate different topics ranging from science to history and crime.

If you are looking to learn more about history, then look no further than the History Channel on satellite TV. Programming covers such a broad topic of interests it is nearly impossible to narrow it down to one period. You can learn about topics as diverse as the history of the pencil, how normal household goods are made, who was General Patton’s right hand man, or the history of every sport imaginable. While the main goal of these programs is an accurate historic representation of events, the History Channel also broadcasts documentary style reality TV series such as Axmen and Ice Road Truckers. These programs are similar to the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch series as it follows the lives of men doing rough and tough jobs.

The PBS station has continued to be highly regarded and praised for its accurate and thought provoking presentations of global political issues. While other news agencies tend to treat global perspective as a sport cast by only showing the highlights, PBS normally delves deeper into a topic and provides insightful interpretation.

Educational programs are as readily available for adults as they are for children when using satellite TV. There are channels such as Discovery and History that are devoted entirely to furthering education among curious adults. While it may seem that the majority of information readily available on the television is merely fluff or dramatizations, there are serious resources available for educational purposes.

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