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Hot Rolling Mill
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Ansteel has rich project experience of hot rolling mill. In 1997, Ansteel imported from Japan 1780mm HSM ‘s equipment and technology; In 2000, with absorption of 1780mm HSM technology and self-innovation, Ansteel design an integrated 1700 ASP(Ansteel Continuous Casting and Rolling short-process Production Line ), with its own full set control system and software. This project wins Scientific and technological progress Special Award of Metallurgical Industry Ministry, and also 2nd Prize of National Progress in Science and Technology; In 2005, Ansteel finish engineering 2150mm ASP production line, only 6 months reached to normal production since 1st coil. In 2006, EPC of 1700mmASP in Jinan I&S, realizes this whole set of equipment and technology export.  Now Ansteel is cable of EPC of 1580mm, 1700mm, 1780mm, 2150mm HRM.


Brief information of reference lines: Anshan 1780mm , conventional HSM, 3.5million tons/year; Bayuquan 1580mm , conventional HSM, 3.9 million tons/year; Anshan 1700mm , ASP, 2.9 million tons/year; Jinan 1700mm, ASP, 2.5 million tons/year; Lingyuan 1700mm, ASP, 2.0 million tons/year; Anshan 2150mm, ASP, 5.0 million tons/year; Liyuan HSM Finish Mill Revamp, 1.0 million tons/year.